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Building Augmented Reality applications

5 Impressive AR effects for your brand or clients

1st in Hong Kong | No coding required | Real-world projects

  • 5 weeks intensive courses

  • 5 real world practical projects

  • Learn Spark AR Studio by Facebook

Real-world projects

You will complete the following projects throughout the course

(no coding background is required)

AR business card

In your first project, you will create your own Augmented Reality business card. You will create virtual infographics and effects to show alongside your card.


Once you get the concept, you will be able to create AR for other printed materials like invitation cards, book, leaflet, brochure, etc.

AR product visualization

You will create a product showcase applications, where users can visualize the products in a real environment. Users can move, rotate and resize virtual objects to see them in different angles.  


Once you get the concept, you will be able to build other type of AR visualization applications

AR accessories tryout

You will create an accessories application that users can wear stuff like hat, glasses, bowtie and earrings. The application can track the head and facial movement in realtime, allowing the accessories to move accordingly.


Once you get the concept, you will be able to create fun and useful applications that rely on facial tracking. 

Photo effects

In this project, you will do a couple of effects for photo/ video taking. You will learn how to segment out a person and put them into different background, or create photo frame and effects overlay.

Once you get the concept, you will be able to design your own photo effects for your brand or events.

Facial gesture game

(If time is allowed) 

You will create a simple funny game that is controlled by your facial gesture. For example, the application can detect a person smile and make an elevator goes up.

We will also introduce other possibilities like detecting eye movement, head movement, or even iris movement. 

Who is the course designed for?

Be one of the first to join the AR revolution,

an industry expected to be worth $50 billion USD by 2024

Event Lighting


Need more ideas for your next marketing campaign? Come and learn how to build interactive AR leaflets, invitations cards, funny photo booths and games for your brand and clients! You can launch your AR campaigns directly on Facebook and Instagram platform. Engage your customers in a more interesting way!

Code on Laptop Computer


Traditional software developments like web and app are saturated. Everyone knows how to code in js and python and build website. Stay ahead of the industry and learn something new. AR and VR industry  is growing tremendously and there is a serious lack of talents in the field. 

Designer's World


AR has infiltrated many aspects of the design industry. If you are UI/UX designer for apps, you need to freshen your skills because AR, VR, or even 3D applications have their uniqueness and challenges.  If you are industrial or interior designer, AR has been using heavily for product visualization. Even if you are designing traditional printed materials, you can WOW your clients by introducing AR effects in your design.

About the tutors


Kim Yuen

  • co-founder of Softmind

  • ex-Google engineer. 

  • machine learning scientist

  • MSc in Computer Science - McGill University, Canada


Tom Tong

  • co-founder of Softmind

  • ex-CTO of Spincle

  • serial entrepreneur

  • 8+ years experiences in AR / VR applications

Our media coverage

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About Softmind


Checkout some cool AR demos below:

Our clients include, but not limited to

Softmind is an AR/ VR consultant agency


We will be mainly using Spark AR Studio for this course

sparkar studio.jpg

Spark AR Studio is released by Facebook in 2018 for people to develop AR applications to deploy directly to the Facebook and Instagram platform.

It is a very easy-to-use tool. We can build and deploy applications with drag-and-drop design tools without the need of coding.

AR commerce is going to be the next big thing and Facebook has plan to integrate Spark AR Studio deeply with ads. So learn now and stay ahead of others!

Course Features

Building Blocks

Learn AR concepts

You will learn the fundamental concept of augmented reality, and other related topics like VR. What you can do with AR? What are the market trends? These will equip you with all the necessary technical background to excel in the 21st century.

Kid Piling Blocks

Build AR applications

You will have hands-on experience building and  deploying AR applications for real use. You will also learn how to outsource different components properly when you need to build a more comprehensive applications or campaigns later.

Minecraft Blocks

Connect with people

We constructed our lessons to allow time for you to work on the projects together. Discussion is an essential part of learning and a lot of time you get inspiration from each others work.  Hopefully this will be your first step in creating your circle with like minded people

Creative Work

Practical Work

We want to make sure this course is practical and useful. So we spend around 70% of time working on real projects. We carefully designed our projects to cover all the essentials so you are able to transfer the knowledge into creating something else later.

In a Meeting

Go Beyond

We encourage you to go beyond. In each lesson, We will spend 120mins covering the prepared topics. Then there will be an extra 60 mins for you to continue and expand the projects. We believe this settings can encourage creativity and inspiration from each others. 

Office Work

Lecture Notes

We provide well designed lecture notes and detailed guides for the projects to make sure you can follow through. We want you to be able to focus on the lecture without distraction from notes taking. You can always revise the materials at home. 


What do you need to join?

There is no pre-requisite of this course.

But you will need to bring the following 3 items to class.

Quiet Desk

A laptop

You will have to install Spark AR Studio on your laptop in order to work on the projects. For majority of time, we will be using this tool.


Spark AR Studio should works on both Mac and Windows platform. Please download and make sure it can be installed on your laptop:

Download link

Phone App

A mobile device

We will test out the applications with a mobile devices, running iOS or Android. It can be phones or tablets.

You will need to install an app called "Spark AR Player App". It is used to test out your applications during the development.

Download link (Android)

Download link (iOS)

Mac Mouse

A mouse

Please bring a mouse. It's hard to work on the touch pad.

Course details

  • Date: 11 Feb to 10 Mar (every tuesday. 5 classes in total) 

  • Time: 7:30pm - 10:30pm

    • The last 30 - 60mins ​are mostly work time. You can leave early if necessary, but we encourage you to stay.

  • Venue: The Wave, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong

  • Language: Cantonese

    • Do contact us if you are english speaker. If there is enough​ students, we will open a separate english session.



  • Regular fee: $6,000

  • Early-bird fee: $4,000 (apply before 6 Jan)

  • We want to keep the class small. To secure your seat, please fill in the application form below asap:

Contact us

Hong Kong office: 10/F, The Wave, 4 Hing Yip Street, Kwun  Tong

Canada office: 2015 Main Street, Vancouver


Feel free to email us for any enquiries

© 2019 Softmind Limited. All Rights Reserved

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