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Specialized in AR, VR and AI (Our Youtube Channel)


Augmented Reality

We are experienced in all types of AR applications including augmenting printed materials and marker-less augmented spaces. Solutions are delivered in iOS, android and web.

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Virtual Reality

We provide VR solutions in all types of platforms, including Oculus, Daydream and cardboard. Some typical VR applications include VR training, gaming and virtual tour.


Artificial Intelligence

Our team consists of Machine Learning scientists and engineers who are enthusiasts in data science and computer intelligence including visions, speech, etc. 

Our Services


Startup prototypes

With our entrepreneurial expertise, we know exactly what startups needs. Given limited resources, we can bootstrap your ideas within weeks by building you a prototype to test out the markets. Traditional software agencies are expensive and slow because of their inflexible business nature . Our lean startup approach reduce your development time and cost by 10 times.

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Marketing events and applications

AR and VR technologies open up a new way to promote your products and services. The application doesn't limit to events gimmick (e.g. photo filters), but also create new experience for customer to try out your products (e.g. 3D product visualization). In fact, facebook has been heavily pushing AR advertising. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about this.


Training and Workshops

We provide corporate trainings in the field of AR, VR and AI. Depending on your industry and employee skillset, we can cater your needs by customizing the training content, ranging from 2 hours enlightening talk to multi-weeks course that consists of practical projects. Apart from corporate trainings, we also conduct STEM workshops for elementary and high school students.

Business Meeting

Entreprise Solutions

We teams consists of full-stack software engineers, 3D artists and designers. Our 3D artists team can build you any high quality 3D assets in different styles, from cartoonist to realism. Our product/ graphic design team can discuss with you about your business needs to product design documents and wireframes. Our engineering and research team can then implement and maintain a full-fledge enterprise solutions for you.

Our clients

Web AR Client
Web AR Client
VR Training Client
VR Client
AR Education Client
VR Game for NGO
AR Education Client
Stem Education Client
AR VR Client
VR Event
AR Education Client
Stem Education Client
Stem Education Client
AI Work Client

About Us


Kim Yuen

  • co-founder of Softmind

  • ex-Google engineer. 

  • machine learning scientist

  • MSc in Computer Science - McGill University, Canada


Tom Tong

  • co-founder of Softmind

  • ex-CTO of Spincle

  • serial entrepreneur

  • 8+ years experiences in AR / VR applications

Softmind is a group of engineers, designers and artists who want to bring artistic values into technology and create revolutionary products.


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